It's all in the details.

Designs don't have to be complicated to be breathtaking. In fact, designs shouldn't be complicated. Creating an eye-catching design is not as hard as some people may think. It's all in the details.

Take a look at this example:

Initially, it looks good, simple, clean, and it's clearly an Apple TV, but I feel it's missing that "edge". It's missing that mind-blowing love and care people love. Hover it to see the subtle details that really make this piece shine. It's not overdone and it's not overly complex, but it really brings the piece together.

In a more extreme example you can clearly see the difference:

It is important to put extra love and care into your designs. It doesn't take much more time, but it makes a huge difference. Use your imagination, get creative and don't complicate things. Details are important.

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