Dribbble Etiquette

There has been a lot of talk lately about the quality of shots on Dribbble. Some think there are too many angled/photo shots and others think there are too many GIFs, but what is the proper etiquette?

It's simple, just grab the template below for the proper guidelines, enforced by the all mighty, Jeff Broderick. Straying from this template is punishable by constant trolling.

Dribbble Template

Just kidding. A few months ago I walked into a showroom at the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art. It was a dark, empty, room with a record player sitting on the floor in the middle. A projector attached to the ceiling was dangling over the record player, spinning. A small wire connected the bottom of the projector to the record, spinning it. Of course, this created music. It was the dumbest form of art I had ever seen. Didn't even know these things were considered art, let alone earn a spot in a museum. Art & Design are subjective. Do I have the right to say, "Nope, this isn't art, get it out of here"? No, because the next person might love it and watch it all day.

Dribbble is what we make of it. If I like photography and design, why not combine the two? Why not enjoy myself? Why do we set rules for everyone based on an individual or group's personal preference?

I will be implementing a commenting platform soon.

Go connect to Twitter for early access when it's ready.

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